Raised Beds

Over at freelandia, the digger’s testing and training yard, we spent monday prepping our beds to start planting this weekend . herbs will go in first on the 6th and 7th . i’ve already noticed some of the garlic from last year sprouting and peeking up through the soil ! very exciting . I love growing in raised beds, which is pretty much essential in most Worcester lawns due to lead issues . at freelandia we have several compost piles which provide our beds with the nutrients they need, as well as heat and protection during the cold winter months . We have two large beds which are used yearly and another bed which will be debuting this year . We’re also working on building a raised bed chicken run . Chicken poop is a great fertilizer, especially for tomatoes and growing fancy edible mushrooms . Pictured below is a pyramid raised bed which is not ours but something i would love to build ! it seems it would be a little tricky tending to the center – but i’m sure it’s GORGEOUS once full of vegetables!


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